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About the company

VIOSER Consulting Ltd. is a consulting firm helping foreign companies to start a business in Moldova and existing ones to provide cost effective back office services in Accounting, HR and Taxes, using the newest technologies and professional expertise. Our staff has access to the most up-to-date informational resources, changes in laws and regulations.

Our company's motto is "Missions accomplished to the highest level", which has the purpose to sustain the essential value of "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd.- the development of long-term partnerships through a high quality professional support.

Mission and values

Our mission is "Maintaining and increasing the customer satisfaction level by offering the highest quality". Our employees add value to the company and contribute essentially to its success, being together responsible for our mission accomplishment. We recognize the quality and performance as the key factors in achieving success. VIOSER Consulting Ltd. main values are professionalism, flexibility, promptitude, dynamism and innovation.

we helped them

Cosmin Măcăneaţă

Managing Partner,”OMEGA Trust” SRL

Colaborarea noastră cu ”Vioser Consulting” SRL a fost foarte fructuoasă. Suntem foarte satisfăcuţi de calitatea serviciilor, disponibilitatea şi viteza de execuţie de care au dat dovadă. Recomandăm tuturor serviciile oferite de către ”Vioser Consulting” SRL.

Olesea Fortuna

”GEN Moldova” President

For us, those who are at the "GEN Moldova" the collaboration with "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. is a real solution for the financial management of the organization. Near us we have professionals who support us every day and offer consultations when we have to take urgent decisions. Communication with both Viorica and the team members is one based on loyalty, clarity and credibility. We thank "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. for their dedication towards continuous optimization of their services and an amicably and transparently partnership.

George Damian


After a long collaboration with the company "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. from Chisinau I am able to tell that it is a fruitful relationship for both parties. The representatives of "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. have responded promptly and effectively to all of my requests, all the goals on which we agreed at the time, having been completed in spite of all the obstacles which appeared along the way.  "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. is a company which respects its name and customers.

Friedmann Ilie

Founder & Owner ” Micrologic Design Automation” SRL

I have been working with Viorica since 2009 when she was employed in my company in Chișinau, being responsible for managing a big IT project. Starting with 2015, "Micrologic Design Autmoation" Ltd. became her own company Client. When looking for consulting company to launch a business, to run accountancy, to have financial and tax advises, I highly recommend "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd..  Their team is extremely professional and responsive to our needs, with a strong working capacity and high responsibility. They are one of the most client - focused organizations with whom we have worked and we would happily recommend "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. to others looking for support in their business activities in Republic of Moldova. 

Balica Liudmila

Executive Director ”Ayria” LLC

”AYIRIA” Ltd. remained deeply surprised by "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. through their fast delivery of results and the ability to provide solutions. We sustain that in the company activate experts in the field who know their job very well. "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. is a respectable company that puts the accent on the quality of the offered services, which is a very important thing for us. Thank you for the accounting consultancy and human resources services provided with a high level of quality compared to some other competitors. We recommend the company "VIOSER Consulting" Ltd. as a professional and reliable collaborator for any entity with which it would relate.

Carlos Cabanillas

expat in Moldova since 2013

I have been obtaining my residence permit in Moldova with ”VIOSER Consulting” Ltd.  since 2014  and plan to continue doing it as far as I'm in the country . The company offers excellent services at an affordable price in comparison with other related companies in Moldova . I appreciate ”VIOSER Consulting” Ltd. effort in providing high quality services and recommend it .

Elena Atsuta

HR Administrator ”Antex International”

It was a great pleasure to work with "Vioser Consulting" Ltd. and with Viorica Rumleanschi in particular. The services are provided on a high professional level, and the flexibility of the Management in finding the best and fastest solutions for the Client has been very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend "Vioser Consluting" Ltd. to any company which is interested in this type of services. Thanks a lot for our fruitful cooperation.